The first and foremost rule. This is a kind, caring group that respects everyone. We are a diverse collection of friends and our mutual respect and consideration for each other is responsible for our ongoing success and stability. "DBAD" applies to all aspects of raiding.

Raid starts at 9pm server time / 6pm pacific time, and runs for three hours until 12am server time / 9pm pacific time. Two 5-10 minute breaks are held at hourly intervals. You are expected to attend for the entire three hours unless notice is given beforehand. Log on 10-15 minutes ahead to get yourself ready so that we can pull at 9pm/6pm sharp.

We use Suicide Kings loot system, with the loot lists available here. This loot system was the culmination of many days of discussions and a few casualties along the way, but it works great for us. It is also subject to the following regulations:

You are playing a multiplayer game with many other people who depend on one another to succeed. We expect your best, and will not tolerate slackers. We don't carry people during progression - if you don't perform well, you will be benched, or removed from the group entirely if you don't improve. Do your homework, learn your class, examine and learn from your logs, watch raid videos, download addons, use good keybinds, do your dailies, and come fully prepared. In other words, get good or get out.

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