Old Achievements

Tier 17 (Highmaul & Blackrock Foundry)

On January 30, 2015, we stopped stepping on mines long enough to beat Heroic Imperator Margok. It was the first and only time we ever killed him, because fuck that fight.

On April 30, 2015, through the power of friendship and love, we teamed up and defeated Heroic Blackhand the Guild Killer. It was a perfectly orchestrated dance, and Tipps didn't have to yell at anyone the whole time - as seen in the video below.

We also went back at some point and finished up all the raid achievements and got the (red? brown?) Gronn mount. Having to coordinate a group of 10-15 people to get Stamp Stamp Revolution was Tipps' most irritating challenge as a raid leader.

Tier 18 (Hellfire Citadel)

Hellfire Citadel proved to be the year-long raid that cemented the group into what it is today. With the high turnover from Post-Blackhand Burnout, CG Raiding received an influx of many new people - all of whom are still around today. It's hard to imagine a raid without Goregrinder's latest jest, Dienes' casual flirting, Mediocritty and Fizzledink's absurdly good DPS, Zhelara and Honeyflake's flexibility and team spirit, and Ionsaire's generosity and stick-to-it-iveness except the part where he took a hiatus because of being a filthy hetero breeder and having "a child" and that being more "important" than raiding.

The group progressed at a pretty good rate and never really stalled once. With Halotowateke's pro strats, Tipps' stern guidance, and a stellar performance by everyone in the raid, we got Heroic Archimonde down on October 15, 2015. Special thanks go to Goregrinder, whose top-notch infernal tanking was crucial to our success.

With nothing left to do, we went back into HFC and, over the course of two nights, got everyone their neon green wolf reskin mounts. Having to silence a group of 10-15 people to get Pro Toss was Tipps' most stressful challenge as a raid leader.
(One two three pass... One two three pass... One two three pass... One two three pass...)

Challenge Modes

Dienes, Blicero, Honeyflake, Mediocritty, and new guy Eclipsical showed off how cool and good they are by wrecking CM Golds. The rest of the group is that goblin in the back right irl.

Another group of us got CM yetis once early in WoD. It was hard and we were bad so when we tried to do it a second time to get gold we said fuck that noise.

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